Meet the social media team

We are a fresh social media team, highly motivated to share our journey over the next five months. We have a plethora of original ideas to bring you closer to us and our fellow participants.

Following JESC steps, we aim to build connections with everyone who has been inspired by Jesuit values or who are alumni of the ELP.

Meet the team


Howdy! I’m Erik Hayes Gomez, and my DNA is like a crazy international cocktail. I’m Spanish (Catalan), but I’ve got a splash of British and even a hint of Irish mixed in there thanks to my second name. Right now, I am doing a traineeship at the Assembly of European Regions (AER). My gig involves everything from rocking social media communication to being the wingman for my awesome team in their European projects.

It’s been a whole year since I landed in Brussels. The only downside? I’ve moved over six times.

I’m pumped to be part of the Social Media Team at ELP and can’t wait to spill the beans on what makes our community so special.


My name is Elena Pérez-Velasco, and I am a Spanish EESC trainee. I see my first stay in Brussels as a fantastic opportunity to get to know human stories and immerse myself in heart-to-heart conversations with leaders working for a better future. In this sense, the ELP becomes the core of this experience to not only connect with people, but to reflect and discern on my vocation and the life experience I am embarking on.

With a strong commitment to social justice and equality, I am looking forward to exploring the culture of encounter in such an international and multicultural city.


My name is Barbara Deme and I come from Hungary. As I am new in town, being part of the European Leadership Programme I 

can get to know people who are in a similar situation like me, which is building up a new home in Brussels with our “chosen family”.

Next to that, with the ELP Fellowship I want to learn about what it means to give back to society. As part of the ELP the Fellows volunteer in Brussels to get more involved in the local community of Bruxelles.

Strategy campaign: Community, Reflection and Self-improvement

The programme revolves around the fellows. Without them, there is no ELP. For this reason, we aim to focus on the future aspiring leaders: the events we will take part in, our thoughts, volunteering experiences, challenges, curiosities, and our candid opinions of Brussels (we already have much to share).

Representing the social media team, we feel moved to involve everyone in our activities. As we are born to learn and teach, we hope that through these newsletter articles, we can inspire and encourage people to reflect and be more aware of what truly matters.

Welcome to our journey!