Discover all the activities the ELP engages in to shape and form the future leaders of tomorrow.


Embarking on their journey, the Inauguration marks the genesis of the cohort, fostering connections among Fellows, the ELP team, coaches, and mentors. It serves as a pivotal moment to acquaint participants with the program's essence, its scope, and the expectations placed upon them.


Escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and immerse yourself in the serene embrace of nature during ELP retreats. These retreats offer a sanctuary for self-discovery and community bonding, featuring tranquil nature walks, moments of introspection and prayer, communal meals, and a plethora of enriching activities designed to nurture personal growth.


Embark on a weekly journey of knowledge and skill acquisition from the comfort of the ELP house as you engage with distinguished experts from diverse fields. Whether delving into their rich experiences or honing new abilities through tailored workshops and trainings, these sessions are meticulously crafted to amplify both personal and professional capacities.

Evaluation dinners

Twice per cohort, Evaluation Dinners provide a platform for Fellows to provide invaluable feedback to the ELP team, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at continual program enhancement.

Final reflection days

A day reserved for individual reflections of the Fellow’s time within the program. By sharing their personal experiences, each Fellow gets to reflect on their personal journeys based on the preceding 5 months, the highs, lows, and discoveries on life and much more.


An evening dedicated to commemorating the culmination of yet another cohort's journey and their achievements. Each graduation ceremony unfolds as an inspiring affair, featuring distinguished keynote speakers who impart invaluable wisdom igniting the spirits of Fellows, alumni, and attendees alike.

& many more activities initiated by the Fellows.