Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the European Leadership Programme (ELP). ​If you have more questions, please contact us at apply@jesc-elp.eu.

There are two traineeship periods per year lasting for 5 months:

  • 1 March to 31 July
  • 1 October to 28 February 

This Programme is dedicated to young professionals who are already working in Brussels or who are coming for a period of, at least, six months. As a post-graduate looking for new challenges, you are welcome to apply under age 35.

The total cost of the Programme concerns the living costs (ELP house) and the tuition fees. The final cost corresponds to the total duration of the Fellowship (5-months).

  • Cost of the Programme per month: 650€ (this amount includes rent and charges)
    Inscription fee: 250€, to be paid only once after being accepted to the Programme. The transfer should be finalized in seven days the latest after having been notified about the positive decision.
  • Monthly tuition: between 25€ and 2000€, unless full waiver has been obtained by the Fellow.
  • Total cost of the Programme: 3,250€ for the five-month rental costs including charges and a further amount to be decided on an individual basis related to the tuition.

If you are not employed, we invite you to look to our paid Fellowships, offered by our partners. Please do not forget to mention on the application sheet if you wish to run for the tuition waiver.

Housing costs amount to 3 250€ so it means monthly 650€, while the tuition depends on the full or partly raised waiver. We also advise you to calculate your own budget of expenses, given that Brussels is a relatively expensive city.

You can ask for either a full waiver and/or a partial waiver of the tuition. You are invited to offer justification (social and financial situation) and/or to put forward how much tuition you are ready to pay (anywhere between 25€ and 2000€ a month). Finally, we will also invoke this during the interview to clarify your situation. Our capacities to offer tuition waivers depend each year on the success of the fundraising campaigns. Please note that a full tuition waiver requires your contribution to JESC activities in exchange over the semester; in average 4 hours a week.

You can apply to the full Fellowships that our partners offer. If you get a tuition waiver and a position as a trainee, it means that you will have a monthly income paid by the institution/NGO where you work as a trainee, and you parallely attend the ELP.

Yes. Your accommodation (room in the ELP house) might be ready for use a couple of days before the ELP period begins. You will be advised in your welcome letter about the specific recommended arrival day.

Yes. We accept applicants from locations all over the world.

Yes. You can apply as many times as you want.

Yes. You may withdraw your application by informing the ELP applications team at info@jesc-elp.eu at any stage of the application process. In such a case, you will be excluded from further stages of the process. You may re-apply for a subsequent training period with a new application and supporting documentation in the following editions.

Yes. We encourage all young professionals occupying any Brussels-based EU-related jobs to apply (e.g., interns, trainees, assistants, junior professionals, etc.).

The shared community accommodation is a mandatory element of the Programme, part of the Community Segment. The accommodation is available only for the duration of the Programme.

It means that you are going to live in one of the ELP houses, staying in a separate single bedroom. The kitchen, bathroom, the common spaces and a small garden are shared.

The lodging rights, duties and obligations are settled in the rent contract, but the rules of cohabitation are drafted by the Fellows agreed on by the ELP Team.

The working language is English. However, we advise you to have at least some basic knowledge of French.

No. You must have your own insurance or a work related health insurance.

Once admitted to the ELP, you will be signing two contracts with JESC, containing strong and inseparable legal links to each other:

The first contract is the “ELP Fellowship Agreement”, related to the ELP project as a whole.

The second one is the “ELP Rent Agreement” concerning specifically the lodging rights, duties and obligations of the Fellow.

The events taking place at weekdays are usually between 18:00 to 21:00. On average, one evening is taken weekly. There are regular weekend Programmes on average once a month. Your coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as the serivce to people in need also require your time, 2-3 hours weekly. All in all, ELP is a dynamic and intensive programme, the more you invest, the more you benefit. Therefore we invite you to apply if you can dedicate yourself to the ELP adventure!

The dress code is business casual.

No. This is not a requirement, however you have to accept that the Programme is based on Ignatian leadership and spirituality, designed and run by the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC).