Humanitarian Perspective: A conversation with Maggy Barankitse

According to the UNHCR, 79.5 Million persons have been forcibly displaced worldwide last year due to war, conflict, persecution and human rights. Amongst those displaced people, 40% were children. 
As this number reaches a record high each year, the work of humanitarian activists such as Marguerite Barankitse, founder of the Maison Shalom in 1993, is fundamental. Marguerite Barankitse is a Burundian humanitarian, founder of the NGO “Maison Shalom” and known for saving over 20,000 children from ethnic slaughter during the Burundi Civil War in 1993.
As young and passionate new-generation leaders, the European Leadership Programme (ELP), together with the Centre for Youth and International Studies (CYIS), is organizing an intimate conversation with Ms Barankitse to hear more about her tireless work on behalf of children and Burundian refugees. Sharing her experiences and expertise will enlighten us on the core role played by activists in shaping the daily reality of those in need and the interplay between humanitarian activism and policy making.

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Jan 8, 2021 12:00 PM in Brussels