Graduation Ceremony of ELP's 10th cohort

Amidst the ELP’s bi-annual graduation ceremonies, this year’s event was notable for the presence of José Manuel Durão Barroso, former President of the European Commission, serving as the keynote speaker. With clarity and insight, M. Barroso discussed the importance of enthusiasm, determination, and dedication, leaving an impression on attendees.

His compelling speech, inquiring about social justice and how to keep political motivation in a time of hopelessness, was very on-topic. He used examples of his long career as foreign minister and Prime Minister of Portugal, as well as how he evaluated personal relationships, later, as President of the European Commission.

Sponsored by UCSIA, the event took place at the International Press Club, in the heart of the EU bubble, with friends of JESC, fellows’ relatives, as well as their mentors and coaches, along with former ELP speakers.

At the European Leadership Programme we shape the leaders of tomorrow

The European Leadership Programme is a five month long formation where the Fellows receive leadership training and support in their vocation discernment during their time in Brussels. The Fellows live and work in the heart of Europe, they help marginalized communities, receive coaching and professional mentoring. There is a weekly opportunity to meet current and former leaders from the EU ecosystem to discuss testimonies of their career and ethical challenges.!!!


"When you arrive in Brussels, as an ELP fellow, you have a community from the start. You will be living with the other fellows, get to know them and share your life with them for half a year. It’s different from a group of friends because it really is a community. A community is based on certain values which you share and work for together. This is what makes the ELP unique".

Barnabas Felicián Tóth, Hungary
ELP Fellow and Bluebook Trainee
"If you want to take leadership positions, the key question is: Are you able to serve as well? If you are not able to serve you will not be able to lead. Wherever you get, there will always be both. You are invited to lead and to serve. You always serve somebody. Leadership is also the willingness and the capacity to serve."

Klaus Welle
Secretary-General of the European Parliament at the Graduation of the ELP 4th Cohort
"The ELP is a very intense programme but you will manage to do it because the willingness to work for the common good will push yourself. The Programme will give you the exceptional chance to talk to leaders and experts in a very informal setting. They have enriched our knowledge and our competences by sharing their personal perspective on Europe and leadership".

Raffaella Borruto, Italy
ELP Fellow and Project Coordinator at World Union of Jesuit Alumni (WUJA)

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